Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The First Blog I've Ever Posted In My Life!

I've been working on a repstrap machine ever since the first reprap blogs appeared and now feel that I've gotten enough momentum to actually blog about it myself.

My progress has been slow due to the dual difficulty of funds and materials, regardless I've managed to get McWire to at least do the initial motions and IF my BitsFromBytes extrude head ever arrives and IF I can get a decent download of 0.7ReprapDVD (bitTorrent has never worked for me) I could be reprapping till GM is profitable again.

Here are some views of what I've done so far.
This is a good view of the Cartesian Bot so far. This is shown without the electronics. Unlike the Darwin machine this machine moves the XY platform and lifts the Z for printing, much like a CNC milling machine.

This is the front of the McWire made using parts from Home Depot and misc. hardware stores. I've also built and added the boards from Reprap Research Foundation, Thanks Zach!